These scripts are an expanded version of what you could previously use on other sites. For various reasons, it is now available for everyone to use, assuming that they follow the licensing terms.

The license is the Reciprocal Public License.

The current release, as well as some other information, can be found at the Sourceforge project page. The current release does not solely feature usable stuff - part of it is still a work in progress. You should, however, be able to run the main scripts correctly.

The current setup runs for Neopets and Subeta. Due to reliance of one on the other, you will most likely need to at least create some tables for Neopets even if you only wish to run the Subeta site. A fix for this might be created in the feature.

Some instructions for getting this to run correctly:
  • If necessary, the developer can be reached by mail at joeno [at] users [dot] sourceforge [dot] net or use the methods provided on the Sourceforge project page.

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